Designing The Metaverse

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences ยท Jan 4, 2022
Authors: Stefan Seidel, Nicholas Berente, Gregory Yepes, Jeffrey Nickerson


The Metaverse, a term coined in science fiction, is now being discussed seriously as a new form of infrastructure. The Metaverse is intended to make possible thematically interconnected immersive experiences. In this paper, we conceptualize the Metaverse as a meta design space. Within this space, designers create various interconnected design spaces. We highlight how the key dimensions of human experience (time, space, actors, and artifacts) each introduce tensions for making decisions in those design spaces, and we highlight the transitions between design spaces. This conceptual language opens up this novel and emergent phenomenon both to those wishing to design new disruptive technologies and those seeking to improve existing platform strategies. We conclude by highlighting how the Metaverse will not only comprise immersive virtual experiences but also transitions between physical and virtual experiences.


Managing the Dynamics of Platforms and Ecosystems, artificial intelligence, design, metaverse, platform, platform ecosystem